Bad Sectors on Elements Play

This is my 3rd Elements Play drive in as many months. Bought the first drive, ran the WD “Data Lifeguard Diagnostic” software it brings up the “bad-sectors” error. Sent it back, got a new drive & the same errors. 3rd drive & more of the same errors. I was really excited about this product in the beginning but have quickly lost faith.

Has anyone else had these errors when they run the “Data Lifeguard Diagnostic”?

Is there a way to repair bad sectors?

Thanks in advance.

I think you should disregard that information. I Don’t think you are able to run the DLG on the elements play or hub and receive proper feedback. You would have to have the actual hard drive its self. But removing the drive from the enclosure will also void the warranty. It would probably respond with a error on the screen to show that there is a issue. To be safe I would get a second opinion on that. 

Wise words Lawrence - thanks for your feedback. But after sending the drive back a few times & WD not paying my postage im about £30 out of pocket & still don’t have a drive… ;-(

It’s costing me too much time & money pusuing this, I think I need to look into another brand.