Too Many Bad Sectors New Hard Drive 10tb WD Element


I bought a new 10TB WD Elements hard drive from Amazon. It is quite a loud drive so I decided to run testing on it before use. I use WD Lifeguard in Windows

Short test passes no problem.
Extended test always fails citing “too many bad sectors”

I have also tested it on a MacBook using DriveDX which passes extended testing no problem, no bad sectors.

I then re-tested with WD lifeguard and it still says too many bad sectors after around 5 mins of extended testing.

Which should I believe?


check to see if there is a warranty, disk should not be showing bad sectors

I agree with @Vegan, if the drive is okay then this should not be showing any bad sectors, in any diagnostic tool. If the drive is under warranty then try to get the replacement of the drive or else try the below methods to fix the bad sectors of the drive:

Option 1: Manual Method for Windows 10/8 Users

  • Selection of the Search option.
  • In the Search field, type This PC >> click This PC .
  • Select the drive you want to repair >> Right-click the drive >> click Properties .
  • Allows you to Select the Tools tab.
  • Under Error checking section, click Check .
  • Allows you to Review the scan results.
  • Click Scan and Repair drive option.
  • Allows you to Schedule when to repair the file system.
  • Let Windows to Scan and Repair the Hard Drive Sectors.

Option 2: Manual Method for Windows 7 Users

  • Close all running Programs and File.
  • Go to Start >> Computer.
  • Select the Hard Drive you want to check for Bad Sectors.
  • Under Properties >> select Tools.
  • Under Error-checking section, click Check now.
  • Checkmark the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors option.
  • Click Start .
  • Indicates Windows attempts to fix errors.
  • Review the Check Disk Report.

Hope it will help!