Bad MBL 3tb, how to recover data?

OK after a frustrating time tryign to figure out what was wrong with the MBL I dismanted it (carefully) and now have a 3tb SATA drive. From my understanding the OS on it is Linux, but I am not familar Linux. Does anyone know which version of Linux I woudl use to access the drive in order to recover data? or any how to’s via WIndows. I plugged it in with a USB adapter and it just says the drive needed to be formated. ran WDSmartware and it checked out ok.

BTW it appeared that there may have been some solder points that were bad.

It’s an EXT3 or EXT4 file system, so any modern Linux Live distro should work…

I am not a linux user, I did install Ubuntu but I have to get it to recognixe the usb drive first. I purchased another MBL and it seems tht it is the hard drive itself not the ethernet.


Can you please give me some advice on how to open the case?

I don’t see any screws…

case actually slides on there is grooves on the top and bottom, I got a flat butter knife to do it starting from the bottom

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