Backup wont delete files when deleted on computer

im using smartware to backup specific folders.

so when i makes changes to my picture folders, and move files, it wont delete the old files on the mybook, WHY?

i want a constantly active seamless backup, so when i delete a file on the computer i want the file on mybook to delete instantly. or will it stay there forever? a bit confusing when you have 2TB of files, and you have deleted them on computer but they are still there on the mybook!!!

robbinb wrote:

 …it wont delete the old files on the mybook, WHY?

because if it did do that, then a backup would be worthless.   

If you accidentally delete a file, wouldn’t you want to be able to retrieve the backup?

What it sounds like you want to do is a maintain a “sync,” which is wholely different than a “backup.”

ok, I’ve searched internet. and now im using synctoy, freeware from microsoft. works PERFECT.

shame on you WD, you should have this function from the beginning