WD MyBook backup drive/files not sync with current drive/files

I still have folders and files showing in several of my backups on the WD MyBook that have been modified on the PC for over a week.  I though the WD smartware was suppose to sync backups with any changes made to the backup source.  Is this an issue with WD smartware or do I need to use another program?  I thought at one time the backups were sync’d to my folder / files but now I am not sure.  Not a very good back up if it is keeping a lot of old changes that were made.  Anyone have an answer would be great.  Thanks for any help.

Smartware is backup software, not synch software. It won’t delete anything on either the source or target drive. That’s by design, for those who actually use it for backing up data that may (accidentally or purposefully) get deleted and then they later decide that they actually wanted or needed.

If you want synchronisation, you’ll need to look into another software solution to provide it.

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