How to Sync files

I use WD Smartware and MyBook Essential 2TB.

My question is related to the syncing process. Is it possible to have the software check the last time the file was changed and sync according to the latest version? I mean, if I delete a file on my computer and I connect the device to the computer, with a previous backup of that file on MyBook, I would like to have the file on MyBook deleted, so that it mirrors my pc. Is this possible?

Thank you!


Please note that the WD Smartware is not a sync software, is a backup software and if you update a files, when the software does the backup, the existing version will be updated.

If you delete a file from your PC, it will remain on the drive if it was already backed up.

Thanks for the reply. Do you suggest any software to do the syncing?

Have you looked at WD Sync? Use link below.