Sync vs. Backup


I purchased My Book Essential 3TB and it came with WD SmartWare. WD Smartware backed up all the data from my internal drive. Once the back up was complete, I made some changes that didn’t update (backedup) on connecting My Book Essential. Following are the changes that didn’t sync:

  1. Modified one of the excel file. Updates were not sync’d to My Book via Smartware automatically. Original file stayed as is.

  2. Removed few files from internal drive but those weren’t removed from My Book automatically.

Can anyone tell if Smartware just backs up or also syncs the files? Thank you.

Smartware is only a backup software. It will backup any new and changed files into the ext hard drive.

If you’re interested on sync software you can always search online.

If the software is not backing up the changes that you made to an specific file please make sure you don’t have that file open or that is not been used by another program.