WD Backup -> no sync

Hi all,

I’ve downloaded the WD Backup software to create weekly backup of my Documents folder on the MyBookEssential.

The backup process was fine but if I’ll delete or remove one file from the Documents folder this file will not be delete from the backup on WD external storage. Vice versa if I’ll add new file I’ll find it after the backup on my external disk.

Why I’ve mirror effect only when I add new file and there are no action if I delete folders or files?

Many thanks,

Hello edodalne,

WD Backup performs a incremental backup but not sync i.e, stores a backup of newly added files or updated files after the first backup process. You need to manually remove or delete the data files from Backup folder if want to remove. You can refer below article to get more details about backup and synchronization:

Really thanks @asp73 for your feedback, you are right.

Can I use the WD Sync on my “My Book Essential” external disk? In your linked article the WD Sync seems to be only available for the My Cloud devices: “WD Sync allows files to be copied from a computer onto a My Cloud Network Attached Storage device.”