Does Smartware Pro only adds files?

Hi, I have an internal hard drive which I’d like to set as backup origin while my 4TB WD MyBook works as a backup unit. I’ve noted that the backup only works if I add files and folder to the origin. The program than copies files/folders to myBook. But if I delete or rename a file in the origin HD it doesn’t change anything in the destination folder.

Is that possible? Is it a restriction of Smartware Pro? It seems to me quite crazy since I have much more options and possibilities with freefilesync which is a freeware program. Can someone confirm me this? Thak you very much for the attention.

WD SmartWare is a backup program. As a backup, it ensures files are kept/added into your hard drive in case of accidental data loss. This is the main difference between backup software and synchronization software.

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