How is it supposed to work?

Hi Everybody !!!

Would appreciate advice to understand how SmartWare is supposed to work:

Assume I have Partitions C: and D: and want to backup and “sync” them between MyBook and my Laptop. My folders and files are have been selected manually, I am not using Category Backup. Which of the three options below is true?

a) Smartware will backup all folders and selected files to MyBook. If I change a file in my Laptop SmartWare will detect the change and automatically will backup the changed file.

b) Same as above PLUS, if I change/update/addmore info to a file in MyBook SmartWare will detect the change and will “retrieve” the file from MyBook to my Laptop automatically without having myself to run SmartWare.

c) Same as above PLUS, if I create a share and add someone else and grant access to the shared folder and this person is running SmartWare, will SmartWare automatically copy the files from the shared folder to his computer?

d) Same as above PLUS, if “someone” makes a change to a file within the shared folder, will SmartWare automatically backup the fille to MyBook and will trigger an update (retrieve) process to ALSO update the file in my Laptop?

All I am trying to say here is: Does SmartWare work in the same way DropBox works? If the answer is no, is there a commercial software than can do this installed in my Laptop and “someone’s” PC having MyBook as the Could container of backedup and shared files? 

I apoligize for this long post.

Thanks, Eduardo

No, Smartware is backup software, not synchronisation software. Basically it’s your option a) as you’ve listed them.

This is something that I think WD should put in big bold letters in the documentation for it, as it seems to get asked repeatedly.

It will monitor the selected files and folders (or categories thereof) on the local machine and if it detects changes or additions to those then it will copy them onto the destination location. It will not do anything going the other way, nor will it remove any file or folder on the destination drive that is removed on the local drive.

No idea about recommendations for synchronisation software, don’t have a need for it.

Thank you DarrenHill !!!

I will wait for more responses regarding sync software which is what I am looking for to REALLY hace a CLOUD solution that allows me to work with other in a collaborative way.