Backup WD Sharespace to WD My Book Essential 2Tb

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to back up all data (or selected folders) from a 2Tb WD Sharespace to a 2Tb WD My Book Essential External drive using WD’s Smartware software please? I don’t seem to be able to change the “Backup from” location from my Computer’s C:/ drive yet the software seems to indicate it is possible.

It would be slow, but you could use the front USB port on the Sharespace.  Have a look at Advanced Mode - Storage - USB Shares - WD ShareSpace to USB Backup.  On this page you can choose the share you want to back up.  It will then copy everything from that share to the USB drive when you push and hold the front panel button for more than 3 seconds.


Thanks NASdude, I’ll give that a try.