Backup status

The backup status no longer appears in the latest firmware upgrade. How do you now see if back up is working on all your machines?

What program are you using to backup your files? 

I am using WD Smartware. Prior to the latest firmware upgrade when loging on to the My Book Live Duo there was an option to see Backups so I could check to see when each computer last backed up.

Now the only options are:






It seems like I need to go onto each PC to make sure the WD Backup is running correctly. I used to be able to do it via the browser interface above.


I have no solution to your problem, but I found that looking at the date of the back-up to see if the back-up has been made recently is of no use. The date even changes if the back-up is switched off in the WD Smartware. I think it even changes if the PC is not connected.

I removed the the Smartware Back-up software it is not reliable. Only using WD Quickview now with Cobian for backing up.