PC WD backup not starting

Hey all. I have a WD backup drive. Yesterday I successfully got the firmware and software to update and finally got the categories to come up. Problem is: It is not backing up. The files to be backed up are remaining yellow while the WD drive’s categories gray. The numbers match, but there is no activity. Also, there is no “start backup” button and trying to force it through a timed backup does nothing. Basically, it is doing nothing and there is no way to make it do anything. Also, I have reinstalled both the soft and firmwares with only quick “already installed” messages coming up. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! 

Is there a button at the lower right of the Backup window called “Enable Backup”, (or “Disable…” if it’s already enabled)?

Yes, there is an enable/disable button and the backup is enabled.

OK. Sigh. Just asking. I’m not sure where to go from here. Sorry.

If it contiues to be problematic, I have been very happy with Cobian Backup. It is free, and considerably faster than SmartWare most of the time. It has many flexible options, too.