Backup does not delete old files

Hi, I have a ‘My Passport’ external drive and WD Smartware (version installed and have all my files backed up. However, when I re-connect my drive everything new is backed up but anything I have deleted from a folder is not deleted from the backup copy on the WD drive.

Is there a setting I can change to enable my folder on ‘My Passport’ drive to keep the same as my computer?


Smartware will not delete old files, for this purpose you may use a sync software rather than backup.

Can you suggest any sync programmes that do this?


There are many sync softwares on the internet that you can try for free. The only thing that you need to do  is type in on google is “sync softwares freeware”  also you can click on that link…

Thank you for your help!


Always at your service… :smiley:

actually I think that is a great feature as it allows one to remove some files on the native drive to free up disk space.

I’ve been doing that with photos, I let the WD software back them up to the Passport, then I also copy them to DVD’s then I move them to the open partition on the Passport so I can access there there from my editing program. In othewords that becomes their new location. The only problem is that once they are on the open partition of the Passport in its My Pictures folder …they are no longer being backed up automatically.

It would be great if the WD software had a file management function with which one could move files from the original location to another location on the original drive or to the Passport or another Passport or another external drive …and have the backup software check there and update if it changed …all the while keeping track of where it is.

Perhaps there is already a way to do that …if so I’d sure like to learn about it.