WD My Passport Ultra - deleting files

Hello, I got a WD My Passport Ultra and using the WD Smartware.   I am able to backup to it fine, but how do I get it to sync so that when I delete a file from my computer, it will also delete the same file from the WD passport drive also?  That way, I don’t have to go find all the old files later in the backup drive and delete them from 2 places, the source and destination.  Is there a way to select this?  Thanks

Smartware only works as a backup program, but using Google you should be able to find several 3rd party programs that allow you to sync your files.

I was really hoping for an option under Smartware to be able to choose to either sync or not sync the changes I make on my computer.  I have a lot of junk and/or duplicate files that got backed up and this takes up a lot of unnecessary space and it’s just a mess to go to two different places to delete the same files over and over.