Backing up remotely

I am using the MBL with my system on my network.  While I am backing it directly to another drive on my network, I run the risk of losing everything since the MBL and my backup is in my home and if disaster would hit my home in one way or another I would lose everything.  

So I am trying to figure out a backup scheme that would be remote.  While one of the reasons I got the MBL personal cloud is to get away from paying a fee for a cloud service.  I do have a hosting service for my domain that I use for my website and I am able to deposit a backup if I have to.  

My question is what is the best way to do a backup remotely of the MBL?  I am using OS 10.8 of the MAC platform.

if security is a concern, SCP/SFTP. You mght be able to write a script for it.

Otherwise, just plain FTP.

Possibly Rsync as well.