2nd My Book Live, as backup, in a remote location?

I am planning to set up two 3TB My Book Live drives, one for all the usual things, and the other to back up the first.  Is it possible to have this 2nd MBL situated remotely?  I understand that one can access one’s MBL remotely to get at files, can one drive reach out to another identical one across the internet to use as a backup?  If so, what’s involved?

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------- Safeguard against falling MBL drives.  They do not fare well.  Don’t ask me how I know.

You can use as a backup it’s just not going to be a fast process as you understand

if you are so concerned about your data you can get a MBL Duo

A MBL Duo will not do.  I want to keep the backup as far away from the main drive as possible - maybe at a friend’s house, or in another state will do nicely! 

Never done it, but rsync should be possible.