MBL 2GB backup solution

I have mbl 2gb and would like to purchase another exactly the same unit as a back up for the first one. Does anyone uses this same setup for backup or people just use regular (any) external hard drive?
If i use these same 2 units (one as production and second one as backup) isnt that same as my book live duo? If so would i be able to purchase just housing case dor these 2 units so it looks little neater?

any info would be appreciated.


infamous question of backup vs redundancy.


MBL is my backup device.

Main file on laptop/PC/phone/tablet

Second copy on MBL

Third copy only for very important files on Dropbox

but you can make it anything you want, it all depends on your requirements and how complex/secure you want it.


If it is external hard drive (my book) i can plug it into usb of my router that is the only way i see to do it?

Also if i purchase another my book live will it first mybook live see it because they are on same network?