Best way to back up My Book Live

Hi, I’ve got a 2TB My Book Live which has a couple of hundred GB of data I would like to back up to an online backup service. I don’t have a subscription at the moment so am happy to choose from scratch, but so far I’ve not found anything which integrates with WD MBL.

The MBL is accessed from a couple of different laptops, and we both save our photos in the same folder. I tried using WD Backup but that doesn’t work, so I guess I’ll have to compromise and find an online backup which will only run when one of the laptops is connected to the MBL.

Any ideas?



Hi ChrisPM,

WD backup is not compatible with My Book Live. You can use WD Smartware and create the automatic backup of your computers in the same networks.

Please refer to the link given below for more information.

Thanks for the reply. Ideally what I’m after is an online backup which I can sync with my MBL but this doesn’t need to be direct from the MBL, ie I’m happy for the sync to only happen when the laptop is switched on. Can google drive do this? If not, any others recommended? Or is it time to replace the MBL with something else?

Few online cloud backup solutions provide the ability to backup a NAS. The issue I think is that NAS drives tend to be backed up to and used as the backup drive, not a primary drive. I think Carbonite includes NAS backup in their business plan, but it is expensive. Best to connect a second MBL to your network and create a Safepoint. My limited experience with them though is that they aren’t very reliable.