Backing up My Book Live

I have a MBL that has been working great.  I would like to piggie back another drive off of it to back it up.  what should i get a My Book Elements, or a My Book?

Also, if I get a My Book larger than my MBL can I backup my laptop to it too?



MBL does not have a USB port, if yours do, you have a different model and probably wrong forum.

If you do really have a MBL with no usb port, yes, you should be able to backup to a USB drive, but it will need to be attached to a machine or router. Depeding on your setup. In a few words, you will need to make the USB drive available to the network somehow. Not simple and probably for mid-level to advanced users.

The simplies solution, get another NAS, and create safepoints. Check manual for more details.