Back up MBL

Should I be backing up my My Book Live?  There’s an awful lot of eggs in that basket.

Is anyone doing that?


You should always keep multiple copies of your data. You never know what will happen.

What’s the best or most common method?



Hmm… There are plenty of Sync programs and Backup programs out there to accomplish this. I use Allway Sync to sync up my various NASs and Live Hubs.

If you wait until later this week, you might find another interesting way to do this.

I hate it when he does that. Gives a hint and keeps us all dangling at the end of a rope!  :smiley:

Well, I have a simpler 500Gb NAS that can be connected to by SMB or FTP. Would be awesome if the MBL can sync/back-up selected folders/files to the other NAS without the involvement of a computer.  Sort of set it off to run overnight and turn off the computers and save a few extra trees in the process.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm.  Thanks Myron.

I wasn’t asking a dumb question.  And I’m aware that there should be multiple copies of files.  But this device is basically a stand-alone item with no other ports to dump data directly off to. 

For now I’m passing the contents off to a portable back up drive, via one of the PC connections.  And yes, the time table makes it an over night process. And yes, I could add a NAS #2 to act as a backup to NAS #1 but that just seems like a bit much.

I can’t help but think that backing up the MBL was not something that was considered during the design phase.

Just wondering how everyone else is doing it.


Not a dumb question at all.  That’s actually how I back up my movie collection–I keep the files on my My Book Live and I keep another copy on my WD Elements drive.  They’re both 2TB so that’s a help.  Although now that I think of it, I need to grab the latest dev firmware for my My Book Live at work and poke around at it.  :smileyvery-happy:

A very common use of the My Book Live is to run SmartWare or Time Machine–that way you have your files on your computer and on the MBL.  When you use the MBL as primary storage then backups get a little tricker, although as WDTony said they may become less trickier  :wink:

Automatic synchhonising with another NAS as well as manual on-demand synchronising would for sue be cool. The LaCIE 500Gb NAS I also have is mostly turned off. Now, to synchronise via. a computer over a full gigabit LAN is still painfully slow plus, using Microsoft’s SyncToy to process a lot of data causes the Samba server in the MBL to panic and crash.  Pity…  SyncToy is quite a good tool.