Backing up one computer onto two WD My Passports with Smartware

I am trying to back up ONE laptop onto two different WD My Passports using Smartware. This seems not to be working correctly. After succesfully creating one backup onto WD My Passport # 1, the second backup is not completed. Instead, the progress bar keeps spinning, saying that 10.6 of 10.9 GB has been backed up, while in the right hand side area, nothing shiws that Files are Pending. The backup simply freezes.

Going back to backing up My Passport #1, creates a similar situation on that one, too. This leaves me with assumingly two unfinished back ups.

Is this possible, in the first place? (backing up one laptop onto two My Passports?)

Could it be that Smartware is looking at the ‘backup Log File’ of the wrong My Passport.

How to resolve this?

Windows XP / Service Pack 3 / all updates installed / Smartware

Looking forward to hearing peoples’ opinions.

Thank you.

Are you creating both backups simultaneously or one at a time?

Make sure the drive is not been used by any other application at the moment of the backup as this will prevent the files to complete the backup.