Backing up MyCloudPR2100 to WDMyCloud


I recently bought MyCloudPR2100 2-Bays. I already have another WD NAS model WDMyCloud.
I would like to setup a Remote Backup from the MyCloudPR2100 to WDMycloud.
The User Mnual states that:
•You have a remote My Cloud system to backup this system to. Is WDMyCloud considered a MY Cloud System?
•The remote Server setting is turned ON in the remote My Cloud system. The WDMycloud does not have that option.

So How can I use the WDMyCloud to be the remote Backing system?


Officially you can’t. See the following WD Support Knowledge Base Article:

Unofficially you could try using SSH and Rsync to copy the files from one My Cloud to another. Use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) as there are some past discussions on attempting to use Rsync (or other methods) to backup a My Cloud to another My Cloud (local or remote).

Well, when ending migrating from WDMyCloud to MyCloudPR2100, the WDMyCloud will be useless for me. Is there a 3rd party software that is offcialy supported by WD on PR2100 AND can do the job?

Following your advise I found the following POST:

I can follow and do what they have done. But there is an unfinished story there, as I would like to to activate the Remote backup from the UI. i.e MyCloudPR2100> Dashboard > Backups > Remote Backups > Create JOBs
(Sorry, being new here I don’t not yet how to paste an image here.


Generally you cannot use the default My Cloud Dashboard (at least on a single bay My Cloud) to trigger an SSH command that would start the Rsync process without manually editing the firmware files for the My Cloud Dashboard. It may be possible, somehow, to code the firmware to trigger a “.SH” file.

Normally what people do is create a CRON job and schedule the Rsync command to run at a set time.

Hi Bennor,
OK, finished with that, another issue raised up and it’s the SmartWare Pro. Can I migrate the Smartware backup volumes which is on the old WDMyCloud to the new MyCloudPR2100?
I would like to preserve the files’ backup versions. If not, it means starting the backup process for each PC on the LAN, fresh, with no history backup.


No idea as I don’t use Smartware for computer backup. I use a third party backup program (Acronis) on my computers.

I suppose you could just copy the Smartware folder from the one My Cloud to another, then open the Smartware software and change the backup location. Then run a backup to see if Smartware does a full new backup or just backs up the new/changed files.

Worse comes to worse you’d have to do a new full backup with Smartware.