Backup between WD My Cloud EX2 and WD My Cloud

Hi all,

I would like to do a backup of 2 folders from my WD My Cloud EX2 on my WD My Cloud. My Cloud Ex2 try to connect via ssh to My Cloud using sshd user. And it’s not working, using sshd user, but it is working using root login. The problem is that you cannot change the user field on the My Cloud Ex2 side.

Can anyone help me ?

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Hi, i have not tried this, but lets see if another user can share some information and tips on this matter.

It is really too bad, that you cannot make a backup between two WD My Cloud products, they should be compatible. And I think the solution is not out of possible. I am not the only one who have this problem, maybe there is a work around.

Thanks for your help.


I think that the only workarounds are:

  1. buy another device similar to the one you want to back up

  2. use external HDD to backup your primary device, then plug the external HDD into the second device and copy the files

  3. create a .BAT file ( if you have a windows machine) to move the files from primary device to the backup device. This only works if the pc is powered on and you could run the .bat manually or create a task schedule.

PS: first options was handier for me, since i’m lazy and i want stuff to be done automaticaly :slight_smile:

Hi adicrst,

Thank you for your answer and solutions.

Of course, the best and simply way, would be to buy another WD My Cloud EX2. But this is not a solution to me, so I haven’t money to buy another one, it’s not pretty cheap. And as you, I want an automatic backup.

What I cannot understand, is that WD is selling a new WD My Cloud solution that is not able to speak and to work with the previous model. And I am sure, there is a solution to my problem, is easy to develop. Why do WD not do it ? To force people to buy the new model as you proposed ?

Hi Ptiscarabee,

I’m having same issue. I have 1 WD My Cloud EX2 and wanted to backup data from it to my New WD My Cloud.

What really makes me thinking it should work is the fact that from my EX2, the remote backup configuration interface offers a selection (scroll list) of remote server type (“NAS” or “My Cloud”). Selecting “My Cloud”, I’m able from this EX2 interface to type my email account and password which is allowed to access my WD My Cloud.Then I can select my WD My Cloud as destination server from this remote backup interface.
Then I do continue the configuration which requires multiple data including SSH password, but also a previous password that seems to be one to authenticate on the WD My Cloud. Here is where it fails. I have tried to fill this field with all password (one after the other one) I know from this WD My Cloud, but without success.

If the EX2 Backup configuration interface is built in a way to select a “My Cloud” as destination server, I can’t understand/hear it isn’t compatible/built in this aim.

By the way, to avoid I’m bad @ understanding what is needed to be configured, I’ve tryed the opposite with sucess : Bakup from WD My Cloud to WD My Cloud EX2.

I REALLY hope someone will reply hepling on this.

Best Regards,