Back up issue with mycoud

I have a 4 tb my cloud. I copied music and pictures and my docs to a share.

I have now done a back up and the same folders have backed up. Will the share sync or just the back up , why do I need the share, can’t I just use the back up, thanks, confused

I have the same problem. I went back into my one share and deleted the photo’s, pictures, and video files since the same things are backed up under my laptop and desktop computers useing SmartWare.


I still have two of each song showing when I open up iTunes. I use Shuffle to keep the songs from playing two times in a row before another song plays twice.


I may go in and delete the same folders under my laptop backup so I can get down to just one of each showing.


Deleting a share is up to you. I left a few things under the one share that I still wanted there.