AVI files not playing

I just got a WD TV Media Player, which I thought would play AVI files.  It’s not playing my AVI files.  Somewhere in these WD forums, I think I remember seeing something about certain codecs being a problem for AVI files in WD TV–though I can’t seem to locate that post now.  It looks to me, from what I see in my Plex server, that my AVI files use something called the “DWIDEO” codec.  Is this the problem?  If so, what do I do?

Thanks for anyone’s help!

Never heard of “DWIDEO” codec ?  … use mediainfo and post a full output log http://mediaarea.net/en/MediaInfo

Apart from that … no that’s not supported (whatever it is)

Supported Formats(Containers) and Codecs are found in the User Manual



If your AVI’s do not meet this criteria then you have to re-encode the files (using Video Encoding Software) to a compatible codec.

I’ve had a similar problem - some avi files play no worries, others won’t.

Only solution I’ve found is to convert the unplayable avi files to avi files using converter software.  Then the new avi files play.

I have NO idea what’s going on, but this does work as annoying as it might be.  Strange converting from avi to avi, but …

It’s not strange at all. AVI is simply a container which can hold several codecs some of which aren’t supported by the WDTV.