Cant play AVI vudeos previousely played


I cant play AVI videos previousely played correctly. I get an error message saying the format is not supported.

I have a WD Live TV HD, connected via network to my laptop which is connected to My Book external drive. 

I read other messages in the forum related to this issue and did the following:

  • upgraded to latest firmware.

  • reset to factory settings

  • pluged out the electricity for more than 10 minutes.

All the above didnt help… 

I would appreciate your help.



I’d like to jump in on this thread.  I have the same issue after upgrading to most recent firmware, except my unit will not play ISO files any more.

Yesterday, the WDTV Live was working perfectly.  Today, it won’t recognize USB2 (this is a 500GB drive; no drive in USB1) unless I re-plug the drive into USB1.  Then, it shows USB1 AND USB2 (of course, no content in USB2, although folders are shown).

Whenever I select a file to play, it says that the file format is not supported.  Any help is appreciated.