Automatic software updates

My book essentials 1Tb I had the automtic update box ticked. It atu updated from version 1.3 to 1.4 then I had a hard drive failure om my pc to discover that 3500 photos and endless documents had all been over written when the software updated. I have contacted Wd found which file I can retrieve the files that are left but no compensation or apology. **bleep**

Sorry to hear that. If you refer about a Smartware update, it should not delete or change any of the files that were backed up using the previous version. Note that Smartware will only backup the files from the user profile used to run the backup, for other users on the same computer, the backup must be started individually. 

I am the sole user of the PC. There is a folder with files in but they are in a format I am unable to open. None of my pictures or documents are available on the drive they have disappeared.

The only change I have made recently is removing my password protection as this seamed to be causing the drive to not back up automatically, but it has made no difference. I have to back up manually.

I shall be making a formal complaint to western digital in the next week.

If you used Smartware to backup your files, it will create a folder with the name “Smartware.swstor” if you explore this folder you should be able to see all the files that Smartware copied.

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