Automatic Backup?

Please correct my if I am wrong: I am under the impression that if you have WD Smartware Pro your WD My Cloud will perform automatic backups, meaning that if I add pictures or videos to my computer they should automatically be backed up to my cloud. I have tried this several times using both the constant backup as well as the scheduled backup. Both times failing to move the new pictures to the external drive and cloud. To be as specific as possible, I am taking photos from both my phone as well as a digital camera, uploading them to my computer under my pictures and then into a Miscellaneous folder. I have waited, after both attempts, for one day before concluding it’s not working (should be instant or after one hour scheduled backup). First, is my assumption about  the auto backup correct? If so, how to I get it to perform correctly? 

Please note: the only data transferred to the external/cloud is the data that was initially transferred after installation. No new data is transferring. 

Thanks, jwhitty5

I assume that you have set up the smartware and selected your computer as the source and the mycloud as the destination. You then have selected what you want backed up and you have noted the number of files on the smartware screen. It should show you the process of the backup with the number of files backed up and the number to go.

What about backing up the “My Cloud” drive itself?

It’s my understanding WD is working on a 2 disk version of this product that you will be able to run RAID Mirroring, but what do we do with the single drive model. Can I use the USB external port for a drive that I can:

A) use as a RAID 1 mirror (as long as it’s the same capacity) <— I know the answer to this already, but it dont hurt to ask. Maybe it will be added as a software feature to the single drive model :slight_smile:

B) use the backup software included to backup the cloud drive to the USB. <-- meaning does the USB based hard drive show up as a SEPERATE network device.

Thanks in advance!

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