Auto backup not working on Note 8

Once upon a time, the auto backup option worked fine for me. Whenever I was connected to WiFi, it would automatically backup any new photos. Now, for the last few months, it will only backup when I manually launch the app on my phone. I don’t mean that I manually go in and click a button somewhere in the app, I just mean I open the app then leave it alone and about 2-3 minutes later, it will start uploading the backups. If I don’t manually launch the app, it never uploads any backups at all.

I’ve poured over the settings in the app and everything appears to be correct. I haven’t changed anything in the settings since I originally set it up. Could a setting on my phone’s OS be preventing it from automatically running as planned?

I also use dropbox and onedrive and both of them auto-update without any issues so I don’t think it’s a global phone setting.

Any ideas what the cause might be? Are there any known issues and workarounds or fixes?



I’ts been like that for me for much longer than months. I think reinstalling the app with restoring access privileges helped but I am not sure for long.
Another problem was persistent upload troubles (a lot of items would not upload and get stucked in the queue) but these seem to be gone after the reinstallation.