My cloud app for android not backing up automatically until I open the app

For My Cloud to back up my photo’s from my phone to the NAS, I have to open the app. If I don’t, photo’s are not automatically backed up. Auto backup = ON. Problem exists both when I am on WiFi as well as 4G.

I would expect that the app runs in the background and backs up new photo’s soon after I have taken them.

I have a Samsung S10 with Android 11.
My Cloud
Western Digital My Cloud EX2 Ultra - 8TB

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Hi @MdB,

Please refer to this KB article: My Cloud OS 5: Mobile App Auto Backups

So the article clearly states that

  • Auto backup will not start automatically when the phone is rebooted. Open the mobile app to continue auto backup after a reboot

And i guess it is not just reboot, you have to have this app manually running in order for the auto backup to work

Anyone have an idea when this is going to be fixed? This is kind of makes auto backup useless