Audio Sync issues

I have recently purchased WD TV HD Gen 2 and I have updated the firmware to 1.01.77.

Random videos (MKV’s and other formats) have audio sync problems.  The vidoes play fine on a pc.  The lip sync is so bad that the delay is up 4 seconds.  I have the voice followed by the actor moving his or her lips, or I see the lips move and then the voice.  It is extremely annoying and basically makes the device useless.  I have looked all over for a fix and I am tempted to throw the device into the bin, or better yet make it into a toy for my cat.

Is there a fix for this?

Thanks in advance.

Its a known issue and last update (for gen2) was in december last year. I lost all hopes.:cry:

btw, this forum is full of reports with this issue…

the bottom line is…today WDTV is not best buy HD player…it is Mede8er…

What about the Popcorn Hour A-200?  Is that any good?

I am in same boat. You would think that with so many problems, WD would allow firmware downgrades. Can’t find anyway to go back to previous 1.01.70 firmware, which seemed to work better as far as audi sync. I should learn not to blindly upgrade firmware.

Instructions are given in the WD TV Live Firmware board for how to do it  for the Live.  Maybe you could use the instructions but with the previous version of the firmware you are wanting to reload.

The problem is that the version that worked OK isn’t available for download anywhere since it was the first version (1.01.70). If you could get your hands on it and put it up for download, that would be great.

I found that switching the device off and then on again cures this problem 8 times out of 10.  For some reason if you pause a movie or whatever and hit play the audio sync falls to pieces, so restarting the thing is the only option.  On movies that start normally and then get progressively out of sync, the only option is to throw something at it, like the small WD remote. This doesn’t fix the sync issue but makes me feel better.

I have the same problem. The audio is out of sync from the start on every movie though. 

I have not updated the firmware. It just happened all of a sudden.

Also when I try a movie then go to look for another file to play the folders say they are empty so I have to re-boot.