Audio Sync i.01.24 . . . . well actually with ALL FW

this may be the last straw. . . .

after thinking for a while that the newest firmware had fixed the audio sync brought on by .11, we experienced it again tonight. . . .with an .avi file no less.

Even worse, after reverting back to stock firmware (.00), the audio sync issue persists.

I really don’t know what to think at this point, is it possible that i have a defective unit? I literally bought this device the weekend it came out - and ever since firmware .11, I have had audio sync issues with almost ALL files . . .and now even the stock firmware does it as well. (yes all these files play fine on my iMac) My wife and I are getting pretty tired of watching “half movies”

Any suggestions?

Actually, I suggest that they add an audio delay option… It would allow to fix the not synchronised files AND fix some issues with TV and audio ampli…

Ex: my tv somehow do not handle DTS, so I need to link the WD TV Live directly to the ampli, however the tv have a delay…

so the audio come out too early… which is the case with many tv…

Did you try to play the same file on a computer to check if lip sync issue presents there?

yes, I have played the files on other devices, including my computer and they sync up just fine.

I don’t know what it is - certain files just have these audio sync issues and i don’t know why. I can rip a dvd twice with the exact same parameters - one file will have issues and one will not.

i feel as though i’m doing something wrong - is anyone else still having this issue with FW 1,01,24?

thephantom1492 wrote:

Ex: my tv somehow do not handle DTS, so I need to link the WD TV Live directly to the ampli, however the tv have a delay…

so the audio come out too early… which is the case with many tv…

In my case the audio comes later as my amplifier need some time to convert DTS. There is also a small delay with other audio formats over my amplifier remarkable, if I use audio output via TV over hdmi and amplifier over toslink.

So a function that allow to slow down video and audio output would be perfect.

cu Mike

most modern player on pc have an audio delay thing, about +/- 1 second… I hope WD implement that soon

I have experienced an audio sync problem with the WD Live and mp4 files also.

These files play perfectly on the older WD TV device.

What I have found is that mp4 (H.264) files with 24 frames per second video and aac audio will drift out of sync.  Stopping and restarting the video will resync it, but it will drift out of sync as you play it.

When I create a mp4 (H.264) file with 30 frames per second video and aac audio it will play without any problems.  I created two mp4 files from the same DVD source using the same software (Handbrake) with the only difference being the 24fps versus 30fps. (Edit:  Both files are 480x352 frame size.)

So a workaround is to rerip the material at 30fps.  This would usually be DVDs of films.  TV shows are already 30fps (or 29.9 yada, yada).

Per the dev team, Sigma’s SDK does not support an audio delay feature at the moment.

We are working on fixing some known audio sync issues. However, if your specific issue seems to differ from what other users have reported, a link to a (legally shareable) sample file would be appreciated.

thanks for the reply, guy . . .

I sent a MediaInfo file for a couple of my dvd rips to the dev team back in November 2009 and never heard anything back. should I send more?

Unfortunately, re-encoding my entire dvd library is not an option - it’s literally 400+ movies and tv shows.

it seems that the sync issues that others are reporting cover a pretty broad range - i know i’ve seen reports of both .mp4’s and .avi’s having issues.

I also have audio sync issues with my WD TV Live Plus, any ideas when this will be fixed?

I have installed the new beta firmware and the audio sync issue was gone. THANX WDTV team !!!

Can one install the beta on the Plus?

No.  The Live+ has all the features that the Beta for the Live has (and its own bugs. :slight_smile: )

JrPinto - audio sync still appears to be an issue for me even with the beta firmware - i think this goes to show how widespread and varied these problems are.