Audio sync adjuster?

I just bought the WD TV Live SMP and I love it! However, I was expecting to be able to adjust the audio delay in cases where the lip sync was out, and I can’t find this feature. I have a horribile feeling that I read about it in relation to the older model, the TV Live Plus, so perhaps it was removed - although that strikes me as an insane thing to do to such an obviously useful feature.

Can anyone shed any light on this please? Thanks!

When your file is playing, hit the OPTIONS button and scroll down.   

Thanks for the help, but unfortunately I’m still confused. When I do as you suggest, I see:




Get Content Info

Audio just leads me to a menu of audio formats I think (AC3,DTS).

FYI: I’m playing DVD content directly from a VIDEO_TS folder using a SMB share from a ReadyNAS RAID.

Ah…  Ok.  

Unfortunately, the audio sync (and many other options) don’t apply to DVD if you’re in navigation mode.

If you turn off DVD menus, then all the other options are available.

Oh, OK - well, I am little disappointed, but also kind of relieved to hear that I wasn’t misinformed about the feature existing.

I can’t think why they are not able to apply it to DVD playback though, that’s a little odd! I don’t see myself using the “without menus” option much, to be honest - I like to be able to skip through chapters etc. and access commentaries etc., and since I have DVD folder images it’s not easy to find the right video file otherwise :frowning:

Thank you for your answer though!

Probably because DVDs are seldom (ever?) out of sync. 

It’d be pretty bad for DVDs to be authored with audio problems… :wink:   The audio sync delay is mostly used with user-created media that are poorly encoded.

If you’re having problems with audio sync in DVD material, you might want to see if your AVR system has an adjustment for sync.

Ah, OK - yes, that makes sense. I do sometimes see very slight audio sync drift on DVDs, but now that you come to mention it, it’s usually very tiny. I can actually spot a 1-frame offset, so I guess I’m unusual! Certainly 2 frames is rare, and more than that is unheard of I think. Obviously we’re talking mainly about sync problems that are in the original movie here, but it does happen.

Audio sync problems can be really annoying for us musicians - there’s nothing worse than watching someone play a solo on YouTube and trying to follow the notes, then finding out they’re being played about 0.2 seconds before you hear them!