Audio Not Syncing in Many Videos


I have a lot of my videos that are in .m4v, .mp4, .mt2s that have audio (in AAC, but more apparent with Dolby Digital) not syncing up with the video (mostly in HD 720p). I usually have to adjust the audio lip sync delay by -200 ms with the SMP.

I am running it through HDMI and a wired gigabit connection with the videos on my MyBookLive 3TB NAS drive.

Can anyone please provide some insight?


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You may try updating the SMP to latest firmware and also reset it.  IF issue is not resolved you may post full details about your media files.

I have had this on every firmware update since the first one, most of my films/tv shows are out of sync by about -200ms, if i plug my hard drive into my pc they are fine.