Attach a Supported WD Drive

Please i need support as i am already connect my WD drive and it shown in my Computer but when i open WD seurity i got message Attach a Supported WD drive.

from your photo i can see Elements (Z:) which is not supported by WD Security

without knowing what Local Disk (F:) is, (you haven’t told us) … it’s not supported either.

I don’t see that model is not supported
WD Elements Portable

It’s not supported by WD Security because that model doesn’t employ hardware encryption.

How can I create password in that drive then :frowning:

Because the drive does not do encryption, you cannot put a password on it. I’m not sure what else to say to make it clearer.

If you need to encrypt the data that’s on the drive, then you’ll need to use a third party tool.