"Attach a supported WD drive" message.?

Brand new WD 1.5 TB My Passport Ultra. Have installed the software and am trying to run the Security program. When it comes up, it just says “Attach a supported WD drive”. It’s already attached, as drive E. I also have a My Passport drive (not Ultra) as drive F. This is Windows 7, using USB 2. Any idea what’s going wrong? Thanks. (I would create a support case, but it’s not taking my serial number.)


Make sure the drive is seen on the computer. Also if possible try it on another computer. If the issue remains then I recommend you contact WD support for assistance.

Eric, I don’t know if it applies to your case, but some My Passport Ultra models do not have hardware encryption. I’ve just been burned by this. I contacted the WD support and they confirmed it:

“The My Passport Ultra in question is an unencrypted model which does not support security password.”

It is stated on the WD site (http://www.wdc.com/en/products/external/portable), unfortunately it just hadn’t even occurred to me before to look for a catch like that:

“Models officially sold in Russia do not have hardware encryption, but do have password protection.”

Way to go guys, will you also start spying on the users if a new law requires you to?

It’s working now. I contacted Support and they noticed that I had an earlier version of the Security program installed. This should have been automatically uninstalled when I installed the new version, but it was still there. Rebooting and then specifically uninstalling did the trick.