Are Safepoints my answer to backing up?

I am setting up a 4TB MyCloud and would like to implement an automated off-site backup system.

My strategy is to place a compressed copy of the MyCloud into a directory on a PC - and then use 1TB of OneDrive space.

I connected a 500GB HDD to MyCloud and attempted a Safepoint but it complained about there not being enough space. I can’t find anywhere in the MyCloud documentation to determine how much space I need.

My goal was to set up a schedule that copies the Safepoint from the external HDD to the OneCloud directory on the PC.

Are Safepoints a compressed backup of the drive? How much space do I need? Does my strategy sound ok or is there a better way?

Safepoint is not compressed, and you need a 4tb usb to make a safepoint of a 4 tb nas to store all of it.

@GLENN_WILSON Take a look at this information. Read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud.

Be sure to read all information provided along with all Help information provided for you My Cloud.

Safepoints are an exact 1:1 ratio copy of all the files in the same file/folder order that they are on your MyCloud system , no compression is done at all., you will need the same amount of storage that your files have used up on your MyCloud available on your USB drive to do a complete copy.

Another way to automate this without having to resort to running a backup software on your PC would be to another 4TB Mycloud (assuming you are on V2 firmware) elsewhere and run a remote backup.

Note that the single bay/single drive v2.x firmware My Cloud units do not currently support being a remote backup server target. They are missing the remote backup server option in the Dashboard/firmware. See the following WD Support document for more information:

Only the My Cloud Mirror and higher (more expensive) units support being a remote server backup target.