Apt-get upgrade....but ssh is still working

I’m another person with apt-get upgrade problem. So I used it and now… I can’t access dashboard and mobile WD My cloud app can’t access my drive also.
The good is: I have ssh, sftp, dlna working. Drive is visible in network and I can access sharess (not all, some of them require password and after entering correct one I still can’t open it).
I already downloaded all stuff from my drive to other drive.
Is there an easy fix for that?
Or how can I add more shares using ssh/sftp beacause when I create folder in sftp mode these folders didint appeared in normal explorer (I use windows).

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I haven’t try this yet.

Let’s see if any of the users can share some information with you about it.

the SSH ftp should still work with default passwords you use to ssh into it and port 22

FTP is an issue, it uses vsftp running on port 21 but im having a lot of issues with this not working.

You may also want to run apt-update to make sure everything is working properly.

No sure how much linux you know but alwas add “sudo” in front of everything. (super user) so it would be “sudo apt-get upgrade” and “sudo apt-get updarte”

MyCloud is already running as root by default and no other users can login via ssh unless you enabled non-root to access. Thus need not sudo.

You’ll need to assign the correct user/group ownership and permissions to each new paths/files created by root via sftp else other users can’t access them properly. For existing users you’ll need to logoff windows then relogin again to access a different protected share owned by another user. Or clear the credentials from the control panel. To create new shares you’ll have to manually add them to the Samba service config then reload the smb service. Same with NFS if you’re using them, need to export them manually. All these will be quite tedious especially if you’re new to unix. So best is to restore your webui. Since your warranty is probably voided, there’s two known method, TFTP flash and 2GB rootfs raid partition dump. Search the forum on these.

If he can SSH in, there’s a command on the system to install a firmware upgrade, isn’t there?

The firmware could be copied by SCP, and then run the firmware upgrader. It might need the trick to fool the upgrader into thinking the device has an earlier version of firmware than it does.

With a bit of luck, the firmware upgrader will use a low-level boot loader that won’t have been mangled by the linux apt-get.

Unfortunately, whilst I know I’ve read about all three of these things (firmware upgrade command, SCP, spoofing the firmware version), I can’t remember the details. They’re on the forum somewhere…

ps. this is just an idea: if anyone thinks it’s stupid, please shout…

[edit] Aha! This is for the MyBookLive, but IIRC, it’s the same command on the MyCloud:

More googling, now I know what command to look for:

The OP can try but I didn’t have success with this last I tried. May be due to different firmware versions. The only way for me is to remove the hdd. Good luck.

Guys, thank your for your effort. I can confirm that MyCloud is working again as it was before :smile:
I used this guide

But I will write it step by step:

  1. Download firmware file (this with .deb extension)
  2. Rename it to “updateFile.deb”
  3. Copy it somwhere to MyCloud (I used shares/DataVolume/updateFile.deb)
    3a. I don’t remember if I cd to that folder but maybe it is good idea
  4. Type “updateFirmwareFromFile.sh /CacheVolume/updateFile.deb
    /CacheVolume/updateFile.deb - is location of your file!!! so it can be shares/DataVolume/updateFile.deb

I used some console and I have few “connection is not responding” but I just ignore it and wait.
Than I hit something like “updating triggers for itunes” and here I wait like 10min and nothing happens, so I navigate to dashboard and see that is working wohoo :smile:
Then I reboot MyCloud to see everything is fine :smile:
Thanks again for help!

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That’s good news. I shall make a note of this method…