April 2023 outage

I’ve never experienced such a pathetic state of affairs as I have with the recent hack and outage of My Cloud Home and other WD services. Western Digital brands itself as a safe backup storage company, and the initial hack and subsequent outage of all online services is simply unacceptable.

I don’t have any ‘mission critical’ files stored on the 3 My Cloud drives I own so for me its just a big inconvenience. However, I’m sure there are people and businesses out there that have critical files that they can’t get to.

The lack of information from WD is also sad and unacceptable. The outage is going on it’s 6th day and so far, all we’ve heard is tantamount to ‘we were hacked, we know data was stolen, and we’re working on restoring service’. Even a daily update repeating this would be better than the near radio silence we’re experiencing.

WD, way to go killing the brand and most probably, your company.



I am dumbfounded that they did not immediately contact users about this security breach. This is fatal reputation damage. They should know better in this day and age. I will never trust WD again with my cloud storage needs, and am broadcasting this experience through my personal/social, professional, and various government/media watchdog channels.

I am a longtime user and small business owner who uses mycloud to exchange data securely between myself and my staff. I am extremely busy, but must comment on the most recent outage. I do understand things happen, but WD’s LACK OF COMMUNICATION is awful. With an outage of this magnitude, there should be constant updates and communication! That is business 101! There has been 3 updates since this started April 2nd TEN (10) DAY AGO! There should have BEEN TEN (10) UPDATES. If you call customer service, they are as helpful as a hole in a boat during a storm.

I am sad because as a longtime user, I am now forced to look for alternatives to WD for all of my personal storage needs. We all know things happen and most would work with you through the issues, but the lack of communication compounds it and makes people look for other solutions. Communication is the key to any successful business, and not communicating to your users will end up with WD losing way more customers that would have if they communicated effectively! I don’t conduct business like this, nor do I want to work with a or company that does. I am disappointed and disgusted!

These clowns have not even acknowledged how their entire online store is still down!!! No one is talking about how they are probably going to report a loss of 50 MIL in revenues this quarter because of their online store being down. Can’t do an RMA, and can’t buy products from them at their store!!! I ordered on April 4 and they still won’t ship and can’t check status, just leads to maintenance pages!!! Incredible deception to only ever give updates about their cloud services, while this entire time their entire store has been down and remains down!!! What a scandal they are hiding!!! Short this stock!!!