Outage or just me?

Hello All:

My 2 EX4’s are offline…but my internet access is ok…is this another PLANNED OUTAGE like we had on 7/19 or is this an issue only on my end???

You aren’t the only one…

Whew…ok…got nervous there for a min…hope they post a message about this outage…they should really send out an email to all registered owners of these products when there is an issue or planned service on the servers…

Yes I would appreciate that. I hope they’ll fix it soon…

Please let me know when yours is back on line…

Are you still offline…this is crazy…no update on the outage…not a word…

My Cloud Customers,

We are currently working on the My Cloud connectivity issue.
Updates will be provided throughout the process.

Thank you for your patience.
WD Customer Support and Services

And just so you know, we did post a sticky at the top of the forum notifying our users of the outage.

I saw the STICKY but that was from this morning…nothing new has been posted in hours and why I was looking for an update…

My Cloud Customers,

Thank you for your patience.

Users may still experience intermittent connectivity while our systems return to normal during the next couple of hours.

Thank you for your patience.
WD Customer Support and Services

Still nothing on my end…offline…

I rebooted the servers and I am still showing them as offline…anyone else having the same issues?

Turned CLOUD ACCESS OFF and then ON and still no internet access…

Spoke to a Western Digital TECH advisor and confirmed that the MY CLOUD service is still out and having issues…the issue is not resolved and we need these forums to stay on top of this…what is going on all day yesterday and tonight is unacceptable with how we are kept in the loop…

We support the product and the company needs to support us…please keep us informed!!!

Dear My Cloud Customers,

WD has recently experienced a couple of outages of our remote access servers. During that time any My Cloud features and functionality associated with remote access, sync and MyCloud.com were interrupted. We’re very sorry for any inconvenience these outages may have caused. Rest assured, any data already on your My Cloud device was not impacted and is safe in your own home.

At this time we’d like to apologize for not actively communicating to My Cloud owners of this outage. We’re implementing a new communication plan that will go into place if another outage should occur.

We plan to:

With technology there are sometimes issues that arise, and we strive to fix those issues as quickly as possible. We do make you a promise that going forward we’ll more actively communicate to you when problems do arise. We value our My Cloud users and want you to have the best experience possible with the product.

– WD