Apple TV G3 - My Book Live

Hi all -

Just bought the “My Book Live” and is working great. I’m trying to stream mp3’s via ITunes (Shared) —>Apple TV G3. On my PC and Apple TV (iPhone too) I can see the shared files. The PC (iTunes) will play them though when I try via the Apple TV I am getting the following: “An error occured loading this content. Try again later.” I also tried with my iPhone and can see the files though I get a blink of the screen.

Thoughts on what the issue may be would be appreciated!

Check if you have the iTunes server enabled, also your music files must be saved in the shared music folder. 

Unfortunately the AppleTV can only see home shared libraries from a computer (or use Itunes Match $25 a year). This is a limitation from Apple, not from WD My Book live.

Hope this helps. Its a pain I know, I have AppleTV also.