Library Itunes on WD Book Live


I have a question, my situacion is the next:

I have a WD Live Book with a lot of films “of the family” connected to the network and an APPLE TV 3 connected to the same network, actually for view any video on the A.TV i must to power on my PC and Itunes with the option “Share at home”.

My question is: Can i power on any option on my WD Live Book to connect directly the A.TV to the WD without the pc connected?

Resume: Apple TV 3 -> WD Book Live       without power on PC

PD: The option Itunes Server at the WD Live Book is not an option, because this only lets you see WD Live Book on Itunes 

Thank you all,

Hi, don’t know a lot about the apple TV, but if the my book and the apple TV are connected to the same router and the apple TV is capable of accessing a media server or a shared folder on the network, it should be able to see and access the my book. If the apple TV is only capable of seeing the Mac media server then it wont be possible. 

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