App "WD My Cloud" hangs and does not upload photos

I tried to reply to a few related posts (who have yet to receive a response) but my reply button is greyed out.  I have recently downloaded the latest WD Photos App on my iPhone 5 and, although I can easily view photos I uploaded on the cloud from my computer, it won’t upload any photos from my phone to the cloud.  It just hangs.  I tried a 465KB file and it’s been sitting there for 20 minutes.  I have a 5Gig wireless connection and have already had a rep from my ISP come by to check and confirm that my wireless network is running at optimal speed. I have removed and re-downloaded the app with no solution.  Any ideas?

Just tried with my iPad Air (to see if it’s an OS compatability problem) but the same thing happens.

Hi tstock00, welcome to the WD Community. Have you verified if the problem happens using your data plan on the phone? 

I don’t wish to eat up all of my limited data plan so only waited a minute (with my wi-fi turned off) and didn’t make a difference (test file says 0.00kb of 1.79MB).   My iPad doesn’t have a data plan so cannot test here.  I have to shut down the app everytime to come out of this screen.

Not sure if this is relevant but the wi-fi symbol at the top keeps flickering when trying to upload (like it’s constantly trying to reconnect).  I tested adding files on my computer to the drive to see if the app recognizes these updates (and it does) so I know I’m connnected and live (rather than cached).

So now just copying 30Gigs of pictures over (using my computer) the drive has hung at the last .3 MB with my device no longer able to re-connect (error message: Can’t connect to this Device).  I am really concerned over the stability of this product and whether I can trust placing 12 years worth of photos on it (not to mention getting this to work as expected in the first place).    I am quite frustrated at the moment.

OK, so have unplugged to restart the 2T Cloud Storage device and appears to be connected (although can’t determine which pictures of the 8,000 I copied over didn’t make it onto the drive).

Thought I’d try to perform the upload from my iPad & iPhone App once again thinking a reboot would do the trick but no luck.  Still waiting for suggestions…

So after a very long day of trying to figure this out myself (as no one has chimed in so far with any suggestions), I discovered the Share setting for the folder I’m logging into must have Public Share turned off and specific full access settings enabled.  I thought Public Access would trump exclusive rights per user but doesn’t appear to be the case in this product.  Thought I’d share for the others who I’ve noticed have posted similar issues.