Anyone tried shucking an easystore 18TB and replacing it in a My Cloud V2

Every few years I go through this nostalgia of trying to upgrade my NAS(s).

After a great debate on whether or not to buy an EasyStore 18tb USB drive on a black friday sale, I gave in and bought one for backing up my QNAP TS-431P that is currently in Raid 6 mode turning a 40TB (4x10TB) into a measly 20TB drive.

The Easystore 18TB will give me another level of backup just in case my whole QNAP fails as a unit.

Now as usual, whenever I buy another hard drive I begin to get ideas like

  1. can I pair up two 18TB drives into my EX2 Ultra to get 36TB Raid 0? I do know that 2x10TB will work in a EX2 Ultra to give a 20TB drive but will it work with 2x18TB to give 36TB?
  2. shuck the drive to replace a My Cloud Personal to give me a 18TB cloud?
  3. buy another black friday QNAP TS-431k for $383 at amazon to raid my 2x8tb reds and 2x8tb My Clouds that will be shucked to give me Raid 5 24TB and perhaps do number 2 also.
  4. If I do number 3, I’ll rebuild my current TS-431P from Raid 6 to Raid 5 to give me 30TB since I have the other TS-431K 24TB for backup.
  5. Procrastinate and return the EasyStore 18TB to BestBuy and forget about doing anything.


Cannot speak to using a 18TB drive in a second gen single bay My Cloud; but while waiting for a Synology NAS a few years back, I did test out using shucked WD 12TB Easystore drives in a first gen single bay My Cloud. It worked fine once properly “unbricked” for the first gen. Moved the shucked Easystore 12TB’s to the Synology after playing around with them on the first gen single bay My Cloud for a few hours.

See my post at the following URL about using the 12TB’s on a first gen single bay My Cloud.

Thanks for answering Bennor. I remember that post and it inspired me greatly back then as it does now.

I would love to see a working 18TB My Cloud just for nostalgia sake although I doubt it would be useful as well as a lot of work. I think I would get greater speeds if I simply attached it as a USB 3 drive to either my computer or even to my QNAP and access it as an attached drive. Backup the data and considered it done for another 5 years.

Well… I guess the 18tb is a keeper for now… and when I have the energy Ill shuck it and try converting it to a My Cloud on a rainy cloudy day.

One could likely use a 18TB in a single bay enclosure, but it really comes down to; is it worth it in such an old and limited (hardware wise) NAS, particularly one with OS3 support ending and in the case of the second gen My Cloud barely runs OS5 and when it does it has some limitations. Might be better to buy a newer model single bay enclosure from Synology/QNAP or a home built NAS box to put the 18TB drive into if one doesn’t use it as an USB external hard drive to an existing NAS box or computer.

Some will see it as almost criminal to put such a large hard drive into such an old (and crippled) NAS box. :smiley:

While true that the retirement of OS3 means the end of internet access to the drive but OS3 will still work as a local NAS at home.

My book covers that fitted over the smooth exterior of the My Clouds is my memory of my “My Clouds”

For me that is the nostalgia of having a single NAS drive means the ability to hide a NAS behind book covers.

Having two 8TB My Cloud Personal back in the old days, one being my main drive and the other my backup, was a delight in that two tiny NAS drives replaced my large PC servers that warmed up my room.

I miss those simpler days.

While I might agree with you based on WD history and the decade and a half that I spent wandering the halls of this forum, the thing is that there isn’t many choices in hard drives out there.

After the debacle of Seagate with Drobo enclosures where the seagate drive gave off a timing error that cause a cascade failure in Drobo resulting in the total loss of data because Drobo would try to copy the data from the failing drive which subsequently cause a second drive to flag a timing error and so on, I had never recover my trust with seagate and It seems that Drobo has finally gone out of business in 2020.

Thus WD and its buyout of hitachi drives are really all that is left.

As for NAS I am more of a QNAP guy than Synology although it seems that QNAP is also dying in the last decade.

Anyway I do procrastinate a lot these covid days and shucking drives and rebuilding a My Cloud is a lot of work. Adding drives to a new QNAP TS-431K is a lot of work too so that leaves me with unboxing my Easystore 18TB and plugging it into my QNAP TS-431P or just plugging it in as a USB 3 drive into my computer and just teracopying the data off my TS-431P for backup seems like the least resistance to my procrastination.

Although book covers on a couple of 18TB My Cloud are still a nice nostalgic thought.

This is one of those to each their own. I personally wouldn’t invest the cash for an 18TB drive just to stick it into a first gen My Cloud. I’d either buy a cheap WD Red (or Red Pro) drive to stick in a first gen if I wanted to keep it going. Or just do what I’m doing now, put unused hard drive(s) into the first gen enclosure. After using Synology for a few years now no way would I want to use a single bay WD My Cloud as my primary NAS box. As a backup NAS? Sure, but I’ve been spoiled with Synology despite it costing significantly more than a similar diskless My Cloud model.

quite true and I do love my Qnap as much as you love your Synology.

The Easystore was on sale for $380 canadian from an original price of $600 and the point of converting the “My Cloud” is not to keep it going as it works perfectly as a 8tb My Cloud but to make it a 18tb MyCloud.

Remember at my tail end of my stay here in this forum I have 4 x EX2 Ultras, and 2 x 8TB My Clouds. The EX2 uses the same OS3 as the My Clouds.

The thing is once you configure any NAS as a local NAS and it seems that max throughput is around 80-100MB/s on a gigabit ethernet, they are all the same.

Of course on the more sophisticated NAS like your Synology or my QNAP you can run apps but I never do because I find my Mac or PC does things better and faster. In fact, if I get around to it, I need to setup an old Mac for Pihole… just as I was googling pihole I saw an article on running pihole on my QNAP NAS.

Yes I know you probably run PLEX on your synology.

I ran Plex on my EX2 Ultra a few years back and much like the WD indexing it kept indexing all my movies for hours on end. I had suspected that the free movies that Plex was serving to everyone came from our shared pool of hard drives running Plex.

Instead of Plex that constantly runs an indexing program I use my favorite App which probably has a Plex engine behind it. However the difference is the App runs on the Apple TV, iPad and iphone and indexes at the time of use. It scans and creates the movie info as you click into a directory.

Anyway all I am saying that all local NAS are equal as long as you are just storing and retrieving data and as long as I’m getting about 80MB/s to and from my NAS, I’m happy.

Lastly it is about the size. The My Clouds are the same size as the hard drive and it fits on a shelf with right angle connectors.

Well, I haven’t turn on remote access on my QNAP for several years now since I’ve been locked in my home for that amount of time anyway. For me, with netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Channel, Apple Music, I no longer need access to my movies, music or ebooks on my NAS anymore.

My NAS is behind a firewall as well as a NAT preventing most attacks unless it is within.

I’ve been running my EX2 Ultra, my pair of My Clouds for over a decade now and with my probing of the OS over the years printing large chunks of the scripts, I am quite familiar with the inner workings of OS3 and it runs fine as a low cost NAS at 80MB/s for local data sharing.

In other words it works as it have been working for the last decade. No need to upgrade.

Ok I forgot Toshiba but when I do a search on Amazon for 18TB all I see are WD and Seagates and I really don’t care what drive I get as long as it is not Seagate :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a QNAP TS-431P with 4x10TB drives that is running raid 6 allowing for double drive failure but not device failure. If the device fails, QNAP has said that all I need to do is transfer my drives to another QNAP drive.

Yes I am quite aware of catastrophic events and I always have at least two to four copies of my data somewhere especially my photography data.

The 18TB My clouds, if I were to create them will be used as the daily front ends; i.e. daily copying of my downloads. Once a month backup to the second 18tb My Cloud. Or another one of my project that I had envision long ago was to run a daily directory copy from ne device to another.

but all of this is now moot… as I’m tired of even justifying the creation of a 18TB my cloud.

I think, after all this chat, I might just buy another QNAP TS-431K and shuck my pair of 8TB My Clouds plus two more Red 8TB that were spare from my acquisition of more-drives-than-I-needed days and stick them all into the QNAP to create a 32TB raid 5 to backup my 40TB Raid 6.

yeah maybe not… too much work… going back to buying stuff on black friday…

I think the standard “Raid is not backup” falls a bit flat for what clearly is an edge case


I think I am coming around to the same view.

Pre-vid, I would travel on a regular basis; and often on planes that had pathetic inflight entertainment and destinateions where internet access was sketchy at best. By 2020, the international travel was starting to have more reliable “amusement”. . . although domestically plane entertainment was problematic. . . . and then I basically stopped travelling for 18 months.

All my recent domestic flights had good entertainment; and the Cell service for hotel streaming has much improved. Bottom line. . .is that options are much better in that area now

(but let’s not kid ourselves. . . airtravel in the 20’s is still a horror show)

you are using this quote in the wrong context. Think of it as a backup of a 20TB drive to a 24TB drive.

The context in which a “Raid is not backup” goes with using a mirror raid and thinking that the mirror portion is the backup.

Alternatively if you only have one copy of your data on a Raid 5 or Raid 6 drive, the 1 disk failure or 2 disk failure that protects a raid is not your Backup.

The reason the saying applies is that if the user or a virus deletes the data on the drive, your mirror copy also gets deleted or in the case of Raid 5 or 6, the data is your main data and gets deleted; no backup.

My difference is that I have two separate raid units; one is the primary unit in which I copy my files into from my Mac that I had downloaded files from the internet during the day.

The second unit is another standalone raid that I don’t copy any files into until probably month end at which I do a file/directory compare with a program called Beyond Compare and copy and delete changes to the two raid units.

For a raid 5 drive using 4 disks it can withstand one drive failure without loosing data. Once a drive fails you have a bit of time of copy the data out.

For a raid 6 drive using 4 disks it can withstand two drive failures.

I am thinking of making both raid drives to raid 5 giving me 24TB on the new one and 30TB on the old one.

My problem is that I am lazy and I hate the fact that once I buy the new QNAP TS-431K it just might sit on the floor for months.

concur… I think…

keep up the good same view…

it will be at least another year. New strains, new lockdowns, new presidents or even an old president… new mandates…

Back to the original question, why shuck the HDD from the mybook just to put it in an obsolete mycloud case? Forgetting the potential to trash the mycloud by “unbricking” it, you can just connect the mybook to the USB port on your EX2 ultra and back up to there.

Mainly because of the way the MyCloud Personal looks and the OS isn’t that obsolete in that it works perfectly as a single user NAS with speeds of up to 80MB/s RW as long as you turn off all indexing. Granted you need to run a script every time you power up busybox in order for it to sleep when it isn’t in use.

I always love how the My Clouds with book covers would blend into my bookshelf Book Covers for my MyBook and MyCloud on my Bookshelf

It is too bad that WD never capitalize on this concept of actually creating books out of their My Books.

Why? It is all for nostalgia sake of having two 18tb books sitting on my shelf.

Very true and no work at all… might just have to do that since I procrastinate so much…

Well this is interesting… your profile is hidden and and a quick search of you in the forums shows you keep deleting your posts. So I thought I better quote your last post before you delete it.

I think you are a troll, perhaps the same troll that I met a decade ago telling everyone “Don’t buy WD”

Well Congratulation, I think you have succeeded!

Let me analyze your post where you make out of context" post like “Raid is not Backup” where you just mean to warn everyone about the dangers of Raid instead of the actual meaning.

Then you say that “you are out” when you see people talking about the context of an edge case, like do you actually know what an edge case is all about? I’m glad that you are “out” because you you really make no sense like “why are you out?”, out of nonsensical words perhaps?

and the biggest laugh is that you use JBOD as your main. JBOD has no redundancy and if you have a bit error in any of your files you won’t know about it at all. Where-as just the standard Raid 5 gives you the protection of a bit error as well as the failure of 1 drive out of 3 to keep your data safe.

If I use two Raid drives, one as a backup of the other, how would any of my data vanish or be silently corrupted.

I am glad that you are “Frankly tired of warning people about the dangers of Raid” and I think “Frankly” you should stop because nothing in what you have said have you provided support other than the fact that you say so.

and lastly you claim to be the manager of a clustered RAID server with petabytes of data stored on more hard drives than the average user will ever see in a lifetime… and that makes you the expert of warning others about the dangers of RAID and suggesting that everyone should use hard drives with less than 10TB to be safe because like a leaning tower of data, it might topple after 12TB?

I don’t mind debating the dangers of RAIDS but for someone that their profile is hidden and goes around posting very trolling posts then deletes them afterward as though the replier is talking to themselves, raises a lot of red flags that I had to deal with a decade ago in this forum.

Are you the same troll under the WD bridge from a decade ago?

I thought I should quote your whole post before you delete your post for privacy concerns :stuck_out_tongue:

If you use Raid 5 or 6… here is a quote I found on the Internet which is absolutely correct because it is on the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

Does raid prevent bit rot?

“ But Martin adds that “The less catastrophic issue on an enterprise-class array is far less because the additional error detection and correction available through the use of RAID and block level checksums means the chances of bit rot causing the loss or corruption of a file is vanishingly remote.”May 22, 2018

Anyways, I see that you are not actually “OUT” as you have taken the time to break down my post and sarcastically answered every one of my sentences :stuck_out_tongue:

I am actually happy that I’m giving you a headache because you have been giving me one.

addendum: I don’t understand why you feel that you have to attack someone that is using RAID 5 or 6? why are you so righteous? I almost felt like I am having a fight with my ex wife?

Well that is interesting that when @dswv42 deletes their post even my quote of the post is deleted. All record of their long winded trollish post is gone.

I have decided to abandon my project of shucking an 18TB drive to build a new 18tb My Cloud Personal mainly in that it is a lot of work. The easy-store 18tb was returned long ago to Best Buy unopened.

You win @dswv42! congrats!.

However… I did buy another QNAP TS-431K NAS and four 10TB WD Red Plus drives to build a NAS of Raid 5 with 30TB usable.

Now I bought the WD 10TB Red Plus from Amazon and I noticed it got shipped from the US and thus I suppose there really isn’t any warranty up here in Canada. Oh well I got 30 days from Amazon to test them and hopefully if they work than they should work for at least few years which is good enough of which I heard that 100TB HDD will be out…

When the 100TB hard drives are out I wish for @Bennor to test this in the My Cloud and let us know.

Meanwhile I’ll back up my one QNAP NAS TS-431P to my TS-431K and be happy…

There we go, a screenshot of the Troll!! @dswv42 can now delete his post and yet his soul will remain in photographic form.

You handed my ass to me? wow… and how is that working for me? no idea because I didn’t know that I had my ass handed to me by you? but… I did buy a QNAP… how about you? what have you been doing?

Of course you win!! because you convinced me that I shouldn’t waste my time on shucking a drive and rebuilding a My Cloud, saving me a lot of time!!

You spent the time by disseminating every one of my post and gave a rebuttal so you do care. In fact you rose from the dead to give another answer…

I really do think you have issues to post such angry posts and I really do think that you were the original troll that was here a decade ago.

and yes you are trolling a dead “support” forum… and perhaps if you didn’t delete your posts, you might have won the most post prize that this forum was handing out a month ago.

Welcome back @dswv42, keep on posting!!!

Love this…

is this a photo of you? you look like you need a nappy change, no wonder you are so cranky…

You look … young for a millennial!

keep on trolling @dswv42 on a dead support forum!! you are doing great!!!

My daughter is a millennial at age 35 and she has the same attitude as you. So if you are far from being a child millennial then you must be Gen Z. I guess this generation is more angry than ever.

Far-let progressive… ouch… wounded me deeply… happy now?

oh wait… you called me a nutjob to boot… that definitely hurts… quite booting my nutjobs!!

Anyways… when I was deciding what hard drives to fill up my QNAP with, I looked at Toshibas and man the reviews on Toshibas was harsh with reviews on Amazon on failures all over the place.

Of course I ended up buying WD 10TB red plus which should last me a lifetime of ownership :stuck_out_tongue: right @dswv42

ok now I understand… you are older than I therefore it must be dementia…

what is backwards? my daughter is a millennial and she does have the same attitude as you. taking apart all my sentences and throw shade at me.

No idea of why you keep posting up your photographs… and are you becoming another person??? and poof your post is gone!!!

hmmmmm ok need to revise my image of you. Probably an old guy whose daughter has placed you in an old folks home because of your dementia and you are typing all these posts up on a laptop in the lounge. off in the distance we hear (time for your meds Mr dswv42)…

wait… so you are saying that you “WON”!!

and you said…

anyways… yes I am stewing about it tremendously and it has kept me awake for 6 months thinking of how I could get even with @dswv42 for losing an insignificant forum arguement and it has caused a lot of major issues that I had to discussed with my VR AI Psych and my VR AI Psych (Oculus Quest 2) said that I had to come back and face my fears… and so I did…

and here you are… and here I am… a bowling ball…

Perception of me is a reflection of you

You are the one that keeps posting (yapping) and I am just gently nudging you along. I am retired with a lot of time on my hands so your narcissism provides a good afternoon entertainment while I wait for my QNAP to be delivered.

yap yap yap… sit…