Any prerequisites for Entware before migrating to OS5?

This one directed to @Tfl. Is there anything important users of Entware need to do before upgrading from OS3 to OS5 to avert any unforeseen post-upgrade disasters?

It’s just everything else you have to worry about. . . .

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Cool. So the upgrade will not cause any issues with the v1.05 (technically on mine it’s v1.06) of Entware. I can live with that, but looking through the forum and the release notes, I think I will still wait for the full public release.

Obviously I shall follow WD’s usual advise of shutting down all the other apps and services before the update is invoked.

I hope the UPnP problems are solved. (If the router resets, OS3 does not refresh UPnP port mappings.)

Yeah. I like Entware. Just need to learn how to compile a package source to work on Entware. Got the equipment. Just lack of required the knowledge.

I’m aware of that. I’ve got Ubuntu fully up-and-running, configured and personalised under Microsoft’s WSL2 and also got systemd initialising as well as XFCE4 working using the X410 server. (Did have XRDP working, but suddenly that’s stopped working, but I can use X410. It appears to be quicker.

Linux 5.4.72-microsoft-standard-WSL2 #1 SMP Wed Oct 28 23:40:43 UTC 2020 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Got a developers logjn too at

From this particular point on, what exactly do I need to do to setup Ubuntu. For the present OS3 I did try and to get mksapkg, but WD’s site is broken so I can’t seem to download that.

So, at the moment I’m a bit stuck. I know I need the OS5 dev tools.