Entware: the ultimate repo for embedded devices

WDCommunity proudly presents: Entware, a package manager with about 2000 packages for embedded devices.
This application is like the swiss army knife of embedded devices.
It’s a bit less full-fledged compared to Docker, but it’s also much lighter.

It has NO graphical frontend, so you can only interact with it via SSH. Some other apps however may depend on the presence of this Entware app.

This app ships with a persistent home directory, so your cache and config is no longer lost on reboot, e.g. authorized SSH keys. My goal is to move this into a separate app though.

This installer gets you the latest version of Entware, the next generation branch of the former Optware.
An internet connection is required during installation.

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Manually installing Entware on a My Cloud PR4100 running OS5 when internet access is blocked results in a “Failed to install app.” message.

Trying again after enabling internet access results in a “The Entware app is already installed in the My Cloud system. Do you want to re-install the app?” message, and clicking OK to re-install Entware with internet access enabled results in a “App(s) installed successfully.” message.

Also, the Entware app install process should add the /opt/bin and /opt/sbin directories to the $PATH variable.

export PATH="/opt/bin:/opt/sbin:$PATH"

I’ll add a remark that an internet connection is required… I thought it was obvious as it’s an installer to access a package repo.

The PATH is updated via the included /etc/profile. Source it or open up a fresh shell.
Note that this app may not interfere with the base OS scripts as the signature of some apps is different.

It was obvious to me that a repo would require an internet connection to download programs, but manually installing My Cloud apps like Entware generally doesn’t require an internet connection. In this case, the Entware app had actualy installed, but the message said it hadn’t.

Now, if WD would only fix the insane timeout delay before installed apps will appear on the dashboard when internet access is disabled. It’s a huge PITA!

I had a shell open, so that’s probably why it wasn’t in the path.

How does a person install Entware? Previously, I downloaded a bin file from WD community, but won’t install on OS5. I looked at github, are we now supposed to download the code, compile it as a bin file?


They’re on a website called Bintray now. Here’s a direct link to the OS5 version of Entware v20.11.17 for various My Cloud devices.


Thank you.