Optware installation to Generation-1 MyCloud


The goal is to install Entware to a Generation-1 WD MyCloud NAS per instructions

I was able to login to NAS command line and wget the .bin file:

 wget https://github.com/WDCommunity/wdpksrc/releases/download/entware-v1.05/WDMyCloud_entware_1.05.bin

The instructions indicate: “install it with the WD web interface” however, I have traversed the Web UI and found only the update mechanism was for the firmware:

enter image description here

What are the BASH commands required to install the.bin to enable ipkg?

I did find this install command in this post:

NAS4TB:/opt/bin# cd /root
NAS4TB:~# ls
NAS4TB:~# sudo install ./WDMyCloud_entware_1.05.bin

I am reluctant to execute the install command without a better understanding.

Update: `apt-get’ is available from the command line. APPARENTLY THIS IS RISKY AND SHOULD NOT BE USED

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A word of warning on using “apt-get”. Because the My Cloud devices use a custom version of Linux, performing the “apt-get” command could potentially brick (render unusable) the My Cloud.

One can use the forum search feature to find past discussions of what happened to some users who ran an “apt-get” on their single bay/single drive My Coud.

PM = Personal (Private) Message.

DO NOT RUN “apt-get” commands on WD MyCloud first generation!
It’s works only on firmware v3 (No everytime / not for everything). For v4 need recompile all software with special path (64kb ram pages support).

@Fox_exe. Please clarify: are you indicating that the Optware .bin works only on firmware V3? or are you referring to “apt-get”.

I think you are indicating the the Optware .bin file needs to be recompiled because the MyCloud firmware is v4? Thank you