Any news about "The WD My Cloud is Disconnecting from the Network "

I bought a My cloud device two weeks ago and I started to have “the random disconnecting from the network problem”.

I found a lot of customers having the same problem in this community…but is there any solution ?

Firmware version: v03.04.01-230

Any news ? I can use this device if I need to restart them every day…

On the other hand I cant believe that the only solution seems to be the crontab solution…it´s incredible !!!


Yup, that’s what I’m doing also ie. setting up a cron job to restart at 4am everyday. I wonder if there is any bad side effect for doing that, eg HDD becoming short-lived.

BTW, regarding this issue, a week ago, a Level-2 WD support guy called me at 3am (b/c of their carelessness of time zone difference) and asked me for the system log file. So far, I haven’t yet heard from them again. 

I found that increasing the time of my DHCP leases in my router helped keep my drive going longer.  I up’d it to 365 days.