WDMyCloud Disconnects from Network - Still!


More problems with the MyCloud. My MyCloud continuously disconnects from the network, sometimes within minutes after removing the power cord, waiting 5-10 seconds, then plugging it back in.

I have firmware version v04.01.02-417. Latest Firmware

I eventually turned off iTunes / DNLA Servers, hoping it would fix the problem - Nope.

I have tried to do some of the Self Tests - I only managed to get to 90% Checked before it would error out.

NTP Server is on.

Network mode is DHCP but my router has it already configured for Static IP. The IP address has not changed in any reboot.

SSH is ON ( I was going to follow another forum post about turning off some of the services believed to be the cause of the problem, but have not done anything with SSH)

I have pinged the device’s IP - All 4 pings returned with less than 1 ms.

Cloud Access is Off.

I do have a USB Drive Connected to it. It is not a TimeMachine Backup of any kind. It is a Drive I transfer files to and from frequently in a Windows Environment.

Serial Number of the device is [Deleted]

I refuse to think that WD replacing my MyCloud will do a thing. When the drive works - it’s great… for the few minutes or so that it works. I don’t necessarily think calling WD Support will help me more than this great forum.

Can Anyone Help!?

How are you determining the network disconnect? Does it respond to pings during this time?

what is the status of the 3 lights whel it is working? and when disconnected?

pulling the plug should be a last resort. use the UI to shutdown/reboot.

there are a lot of USB issues, unmount and disconect the external drive until the mycloud is stable

I can’t access any data. The dashboard errors out. It can’t tell me how much space I have or what firmware version I have. I can only find this information shortly after a power plug pull and insert.

When I use the device UI to try to do a shutdown / reboot - it errors out. Can’t reach the device , make sure it is connected to network.

The device has a solid blue light.

I 'm having issue with losing access also. Running the latest FW.

In my case i can ping the drive but thats about it. cannot access the samba shares.

i didnt test by going to the dashboard.i was impatient and power cycled the drive at that point.